Atlantic Prints

Atlantic Prints, a provider of Livescan fingerprinting, needed a new online booking experience for appointments. In Florida, Livescan fingerprint scanning is government-regulated, and for their online booking system to work, it needed to make sure customers had a state-approved request to have their fingerprints scanned.

I built a custom booking experience for Atlantic’s customers, which helps visitors easily find their state agency and purpose for fingerprinting, book an appointment, then receive email confirmations and reminders with links to reschedule or cancel.

On the application’s back end, Atlantic’s staff can see and edit upcoming appointments, including a range of service options and discounts for repeat customers. During the appointment, the Atlantic staff uses the app to save all necessary information to document the scans, then send an automated summary email to the customer. The application also has a dashboard where managers can track metrics and compare months.

The booking site uses Vue.js to deliver a lightning-fast, seamless experience to visitors, while the back end and admin site are built with Ruby on Rails.

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