Atlantic Screening

Atlantic is a nationwide supplier of background checks, headquartered in South Florida, not far from the Jupiter Lighthouse, depicted in their new logo. A lighthouse is a bit like a background check for the water.

Our 2020 relaunch of the Atlantic brand aligns their digital and print experience with the vibe they already had — friendly, lighthearted, tech-savvy, and focused on providing great customer service.

The site’s dynamic pricing feature allows visitors to see pricing in real-time while they build the package of services they need. After they create their quote, the site offers an opportunity to immediately e-sign Atlantic’s service application and sends the quote via email.

In the site’s back end, Atlantic’s staff can edit pricing, view a feed of recent quotes or generate new ones, which they can email to clients at the touch of a button. Customers love not having to wait to see prices and sign up, and management loves it because it converts.

The site uses a custom WordPress theme. The pricing feature and its back end are built with Ruby on Rails and Javascript.

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